Teamwork, Leadership, Confidence


From management to supervisors to employees it is important that everyone is challenged to think "outside the box".


Coaches, teams, individuals and administration all need to follow the same club rules. 


Respect.  Take the time to give it and take the time to earn it.  Regardless of your cultural background, respect is the common theme.

"Everybody has a suggestion.  Not everybody has a decision."

My Path to Mentoring & Coaching

Since retirement from coaching I have consistently been approached to provide leadership, mentoring and training programs.
I have a passion for teaching and a genuine interest in my clients' improved workplace/performance.
After years of being advised by clients and my peers that, in their opinion, my programs were exactly what they were after and I should establish my own consultancy firm. 

So I spent many hours deciding on my programs and presentation format and concluded that my strength is what I call "external eyes".  In other words, in many cases, by being on the outside looking in I can see the danger signals that sometimes you may miss when you are caught in the swirl of business or sport.  Or worse still, because you are busy with the day to day operations, you completely overlook small issues that can become huge before you know it.
Without doubt, this is my strength and my passion and I know I can make a difference.
Phil Smyth Olympian

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