Sports Administration & Team Coaching

"Phil has great empathy, knowledge and experiences at the elite level, this combined with his no fuss approach and honest assessments stand him among the best of the best..."
James Fantasia, former GM Football Western Bulldogs & Hawthorn Football Club
Team success relies on on-field success.  The only way to achieve this is by having strong administration and good players.  However, a strong administration must have excellent communication and mutual respect with the players. Conversely, the players must have a commitment to be the best they possibly can and acknowledge the hard work and success of the management.
My sports administration philosophy is to make sure management plays by the same rules as the players.  That means committed team players, determination to be the best in their field and a desire for ultimate success. It is also important to have an understanding of the demands placed on the players.  In this program I bring together a professional cohesion between management and players that mentally challenges participants.
It's too easy to do the same course as everyone else and accept this is the right way.  I think this is the lazy way so my programs are designed to suit each environment and that is my strength, and the way I make participants "think outside the box".