School Teacher & Student Coaching

"For his personal attributes and professional competencies, I would encourage people to use the services he offers ..."
David Parkin, 4 time AFL Premiership Coach, Lecturer in Sports & Exercise Science Deakin University
I have listened to many of the standard coaching/mentoring programs designed for the education system and I have developed my own format that will bring out the best in both teachers and students.  By steering away from conventional programs I encourage teachers to embrace the opportunity to expand their thinking and their problem solving ability.
At the end of the session it's my intention to have every participant embracing team work, leadership, cooperation and respect.
Students will leave the session with a new passion for success, team work and a better understanding of the importance of building a trusting relationship with their teachers.
I believe that happy, confident teachers with a "team first" attitude will play a major role in the success and growth of students.