Coach the Coaches

"Phil has a wonderful insight as to what drives individuals and teams to success..."
James Fantasia, former GM Football Western Bulldogs & Hawthorn Football Clubs
Coaching and Motivation
I have worked with business leaders and high profile sports coaches (including AFL, NBL, NBA) for many years and with great success.  I have the ability to help these leaders talk openly, discuss all relevant issues in their workplace and then encourage them to find solutions.  I am able to converse in a way that makes people think clearly and find the solution to the situation he has created.  I am more of a prompter rather than providing the solution by making these leaders think "outside the box".
Experience tells me that coaches want to talk to successful coaches, not necessarily about win/loss records but about their playing personnel, their assistant coaching staff, management and even their personal life.
It's vital I earn trust so the coaches can talk out loud about their problems and help work out a solution.  Coaches encounter many problems and can be "tricked" into using bandaid methods - my strength is teaching the coaches how to find a solution. Short term cover ups will eventually be exposed.  Coaches can have as many as 20 issues on the go and my philosophy is to prioritise the issues into groups of no more than 4 - and not move on until all 4 have a solution.
My style is to prompt and make coaches think "outside the box" to find solutions.
By session close coaches will have a clear path to being the best coach they can.
The same practices apply in the business world.


"Success for leaders versus "just leaders".  Both have knowledge, but the successful leader also has the ability to teach, listen, motivate and share.  If you can't teach, listen, motivate and share you won't be able to lead.  The formula to lead successfully = 90% encourager, 10% enforcer."