Individual Coaching

"If you win, say nothing. If you lose, say less."
"His objective and incisive analysis followed by his subsequent guidance and instruction is outstanding.  His ability to follow his observations with options that invite change is one of his strong suits..."
Rob Zadow, DIrector, 360Private Wealth by Design, former Captain SA Sheffield Shield
I believe that natural ability will only take you so far, and it takes drive, passion and motivation to achieve your goals.  This program focusses on challenging the individual to solve situations that may be difficult or confronting - whether this be in the workplace, school or on the sports field.
If we get into the habit of expecting someone else to solve the tough issues we will never reach our full potential.  In this course I will challenge the individual to problem solve calmly and concisely and to learn the ability to extract more from their natural talent.
Whether it's a General Manager trying to improve business performance or a sportsperson wanting to play at the highest level, I have designed courses to suit.